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How to kill coronavirus

How to protect from coronavirus


The Corona virus size is 400-500 micro diameter so it cannot pass through any mask It does not spread in the air and lives on something.

Its life is 12 hours It is washed with soap and water Lasts 9 hours if lying on a cloth, or laying in the sun for two hours it dies It lasts for 10 minutes on hands so it is possible to prevent alcohol sanitizer from being in the pocket.

The virus dies at a temperature of 26-27 ^ C as it does not live in warm areas Also use warm water and take the heat of the sun and drink the water warm Avoid cold water and food Do not eat ice cream at all and keep children away from it. The virus can be avoided by following these instructions

This virus is spread by bats, snake and reptile in china market. Chines eat these types of animals. The flue, mild and sneezing can be symptom of these virus.

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